pexels-photo-132037.jpegMindpro is a blog on why we think the way we do and how we can re-jig our minds to work for us rather than against us. If we want to change our lives, we need to change the way our mind works.

Random acts of fate aside, we tend to create our reality from the inside out. Or, perhaps more accurately, random experiences occur and we – through our beliefs, our perception of and reactions to those experiences – weave the story of our life.

Our inherent personality and experiences in life shape who we become and how we think. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. But research over the past decade or so points increasingly to just how much our thoughts create the way we live. Whether you view this from a spiritual perspective or a psychological perspective, the upshot is the same – if how we think creates the life we have, then we can change our lives by consciously shifting the way our mind operates.

By applying some pretty basic tenants of psychology, spirituality and physical health we can take control of our lives – but this means taking responsibility for our current situation and the relationships we have with ourselves and with the people around us. It’s only through searing self-honesty and self-awareness that we can make the changes necessary to effect a shift in our life. It’s harder than it sounds. But the end game is worth it. The end game is connection. Connection with ourselves. Connection with the people around us.