Some of us often find ourselves facing the same drama over and over again, wondering ‘why these things always happen to us’ or just simply confused and disheartened as to why things continue to turn out the way they do.

Maybe we’re always finding ourselves at the centre of some sort of drama or reeling from the fall out of yet another disagreement with someone.

Maybe we’re just lonely and haven’t been able to build a circle of friends that really resonate with us.

We’re all a collection of inherent personality and life experiences, a product of our upbringing and genetics, and in some cases, this can leave us with some hefty obstacles to overcome.

While it’s tempting – and in some cases, perfectly justified – to blame external circumstances for the unhappiness in our lives, it’s also counter productive and often just results in nothing more than resentment, anxiety and depression. is a series of musings on how we might be able to turn our external situations around by changing our internal landscape, because try as we might to convince ourselves otherwise, we are 100% responsible for the current situations in our lives – the good, the bad and the ugly.

By recognising our self-defeating thoughts and behaviours, we’re able to start changing our story to one that makes us happier.